Teachers Revenue Source Coordinator2017 / 2018 Recruitment Opportunities

Teachers Revenue Source Coordinator2017 / 2018 Recruitment Opportunities

Earn $26,000 per annum Salary plus bonuses by creating 50 teachers groups
Everywhere we look we see a world transforming and changing, dramatically and undeniably. With the emergence of the internet and communication technologies, 90% of all professional jobs today are done through computers. Thanks to the power of the internet! This saves you the hassle of commuting to work every day, which translates into creativity and productivity. So why are you still insistent on a job where you spend more time commuting while you can enjoy a good paying job working remotely through the computers and the internet? The revolution begins right here through this wonderful employment opportunity as a “TRS Coordinator”.
Teachers Revenue Source (TRS) is a revolutionary and highly progressive program that provides an alternative source of funds for teachers through investments. The teachers participate in groups of 20 each and are taught, provided capital and guided to make investments in real estate, stocks, bonds, commodities and forex including free $200 per month income support all at absolutely no risks.
TRS is an initiative of Development Channel- a conglomerate of 25 companies with headquarters in the United Kingdom and we have an opening for mature, self-reliant and highly independent persons who can work without supervision as a “Coordinator” inspiring the creation of 50 teachers groups within their communities to participate in TRS. This means you will be helping up to one thousand teachers to escape poverty and also be their lifetime teacher of investment techniques and principles (fully sponsored international travel, camping, and training will be provided to you if you successfully complete the first phase of enrollment of the 50 groups).
How to get started

  • Understand the TRS program through study on our website: https://www.developmentchannel.tv/trs
  • There are no CVs required, no interviews necessary. You can get to work and start a wonderfully fulfilling career right away with the online work platform we have designed and built for you.
  • Register at no cost as a “coordinator”, receive instructional email that explains how to use the online work platform and use it to publish the TRS offer via text, email and social media to teachers helping you create and manage the 50 groups because every click made by anyone through the posting you make from the work platform is tracked back to you.
  • Turn every teacher you know to a group leader until your 50 groups are functionally full of 20 participants each.


  • You will be compensated $10 per enrolled teacher paid through the same online work platform, making a total of $10,000 commissions for you during the group creation phase.
  • Salary of $26,000 per annum plus bonuses afterward.
  • You will coordinate the groups through training in making the investments (you will also earn bonuses from the investment returns of each of the 1,000 teachers you are coordinating).
  • Learn and become an expert in real estate and investments in securities such as stock market trading from the best in the world. Lead one thousand teachers and be on track to becoming a multi- millionaire through expert tips in investments.
  • Furthermore, complete your 50 groups within 30 days of registering as a Coordinator and get a TOYOTA LEXUS SUV as a bonus.
  • TRS is available in all the 196 countries in the world so get the opportunity to attend international conventions and meet/network with other passionate coordinators.

So what are you waiting for? Click on https://www.developmentchannel.tv/jobs to register now for FREE as a Coordinator and begin working with our online work platform and start earning!