How to Join the SANDF Chaplain Service

How to Join the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) Chaplain Service

Chaplain General



  • Vacancies OF Regular Force Chaplains are filled by the Chaplain General Division through the normal staffing process. Budget authority in the responsible unit must ensure funds are available for the posts to be filled.
  • These vacancies are filled by matching and placement of Chaplains according to a well-defined post profile.

The minimum qualification needed for appointment as a Chaplain (Regular Force as well as Reserve Force) is Grade 12, a degree in theology or NQF level 7 equivalent, a letter of ordination/equivalent and letter of secondment.

  • Regular Force (Reg F) Chaplains cannot be recruited directly from the public but through the relevant Religious Bodies (or churches). Advertising of posts (new appointments) is thus done through the relevant Religious Bodies that will recruit and second clergy to be appointed as chaplains.
  • The relevant Liaison Chaplain, who represents the churches in the Religious Advisory Boards (RAB) will inform the relevant church of the existing vacancy accordingly.
  • The relevant church/Religious Body will then present the names of possible candidates (where possible, at least three names) to the office of Chaplain General.

A staffing board is convened, which interviews the possible candidates and selects the candidate that best suits the relevant post profile.

  • Chaplains are appointed according to need within the SANDF.
  • Once there are 100 members of a denomination/religious body in the SANDF, that Denomination/Religious body qualifies to nominate a candidate for appointment as a RegF Chaplain.
  • Religious Group and Church Representation. Statistics will be gathered annually to determine denominational representation.

For more details and enquiries,

Phone: 012 990 3702
012 990 3718
Address: Department of Defence
Chaplain General Division
Private Bag x 479